How can I tell if my home has real paranormal activity?

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Paranormal activity is categorized as anything that is not normal. If you reside in a home and have witnessed incidents that you've never experienced before, does that mean your home is haunted? Not necessarily. Science and technology have come a long way in recent years. There are some simple procedures you can take to rationalize and come to a conclusion of what your next steps should be when trying to determine if you have real paranormal activity.

You want to feel comfortable in your home, that is understandable. Now ask yourself what exactly makes you feel distressed. Keeping a log of any events that seem abstruse is a huge key. Ask family members to include their encounters. Spend a bit of time going over the list and looking at all areas for clarification. This is where others in the home can help. For example, one particular item on your list may be a door that opens on it's own. Examine it for uneven edges and loose striker plates that might prevent it from closing completely. Perhaps others may have taken notice that the door moves slightly when another door in the home is closed. Communication is the key!

There may be circumstances where you will not be able justify with natural causes. That's okay. That doesn't mean there isn't an answer and doesn't mean it is indeed paranormal. For now, we can mark them as unexplained. Did answering some of the questions make you feel better or worse? Are some events more of a feeling than an actual episode? Perhaps, you may need to dig further for answers.

Asking yourself some simple questions may pinpoint an area that you may have overlooked previously. For instance, is it just one room that you tend to feel eyes on you? There are cold spots that send chills up your spine? Are headaches common in a specific region of the house? These too may be able to be explained. EMF exposure can cause headaches, anxiety, depression, elevated heart rate, nausea, fatigue and many other symptoms. Mold exposure can cause many similar effects. Evaluate your home and if needed call in a home inspector with concerns. They can often pinpoint unseen dangers in new and older homes that were unsuspected by daily occupants of the home.

If you are not satisfied with your own findings you may need to call in professional help. While no paranormal investigation team is licensed, they are experienced. It is critical to research the groups you talk with thoroughly. You are allowing these strangers in your home. Make sure they have a good rapport with the community. Most will come and research your home free of charge but beware of groups wanting to charge outlandish fees or donations as their condition for help. As in any field, there are scammers waiting to extort money from innocent victims.

When finding a group, it's not uncommon for them to ask you to fill out a questionnaire. Some may ask an exorbitant amount of personal information such as medicines household members take. If you feel uncomfortable answering them, share your concerns with a team member during your pre-investigation interview. They will share the reasons why they request this information and more importantly why it is essential you acknowledge them.

Now that you're in contact with a reputable team and the investigation is on it's way. You may need to have pets and others stay overnight elsewhere. They will need space and free reign of your home for at least 6 to 12 hours. Setting up cameras and other equipment take a great deal of time to get clear and defined results. Trust your team and listen to their objective opinions, whereas they are keeping your best interest in mind.

Furthermore, be open to whatever results they might present. Alternatively, if the results are inconclusive you may need several investigations to determine if your home indeed does have real paranormal activity.

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