How should a demonically possessed house be investigated?

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Answered by: Timothy, An Expert in the Haunting and Ghosts Category
First and foremost, any paranormal investigation should be conducted with care for the safety of the team. That should go without saying. However, the integrity of the team can be equally, if not more, at risk than their physical safety. If collected information is not analyzed with extreme care the team’s name is in jeopardy. It is nearly impossible for the team to overcome that damage.

When I was the “new guy” on a paranormal investigation team, I was taken to a house along with another guy with barely more experience than I had. At the time, the investigation was supposed to be preliminary, so we were instructed by the team leader to set up a digital video recorder and several night vision cameras in specific locations throughout the home. The intent was to let the DVR do its job for a couple of hours in hopes of catching some evidence. For reasons that I still do not understand, the team leader instructed the other novice investigator and me to go into the house, in separate rooms to do some EVP work and take some photographs. While in the master bedroom, I had closed the door before starting to my work. After being in the room for a few minutes, I realized that the door had opened by about a foot and a half. I asked whatever spirit(s) may be in the room to close it. Nothing happened. So I continued my assignment and eventually ended up back at the door. As I stood about a arms length from the open door, I made a degrading comment to the spirit(s). At that moment, the door closed rather abruptly.

I immediately pulled the door open fully expecting to see one of the other guys escaping down the hallway. Much to my surprise, there was no one in the hallway. Naturally, I radioed the team leader to report the incident. While he was reviewing my voice recordings and digital images, he told me that the room I was investigating was the hub of the paranormal activity. According to this expert in demons, this house was, in fact, a demonically possessed house.

Being the analytical person that I am, I continued to investigate the door. Just like on television, I tried to reproduce the door opening and closing by stepping and jumping on the floor in various locations. While looking at the door, I felt a cold draft come over me, and the door was nearly pulled from my loose grip. Since the windows were closed and the curtains had no notable movement, I decided that the source of the haunting was outside of the room.

Once in the hallway, I realized a mistake that I later learned is a fatal error in paranormal investigations. We never bothered to turn off the central air conditioner. When I turned it off, the door opened just about a foot and a half. When I turned it back on, the door closed with a small slam.

In the meantime, the team leader was still reviewing my digital photos and found an orb that may have been the culprit of the door closing. After reporting my findings to the team leader, he told me several reasons why it could not have been the air conditioner. Once I coaxed him into watching me reproduce the ghostly activity with the climate system’s control switch, he had to concede that it was actually the cause, in spite of his beliefs.

How does one properly investigate a demonically possessed house? Pay attention to detail, and do not assume that everything that happens is paranormal. It is probably best to assume a natural explanation at all times, and only investigate the truly paranormal events.

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