Is it possible that Ghosts are everywhere?

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To those who ask "Is it possible that ghosts are everywhere?" I must answer a resounding yes! How do I know this? Because I am a clairvoyant, or one who has "clear vision", and I have been this way for 59 years. I spent most of my childhood and young adulthood being very frightened- no, terrified of the souls around me. I would order them to leave my house, and at times, I could feel them go.

As a small child, I recall that my family and I went to Colonial Williamsburg. As my Mother and older sister listened to the docent talking, I was busy watching doors open and close quietly. I felt the breeze as someone unseen glided past. At that time, I was more curious than frightened. I knew that there were many souls residing there.

When I was in the fourth grade, we went to live in a house that already was known to be haunted. Daily, we heard footfalls and lights would go on and off. Something would shake my bed until the slats would shift and down I would come! There was a hall lamp that would turn itself on after my Mother had just turned it off and had gone to bed. Now, my Mother is a plucky lady, and she yelled "you can just go ahead and burn, damn you! I'm not getting up again!" The lamp turned itself off and never came on like that again. I often carried a flashlight to bed with me, sort of an electric campfire, employed to ward off the shadows of the night. I'd pull the covers over my head, and stay awake reading and praying into the night.

My sister and I were latch key kids. We both arrived home two to three hours before our Mother. One afternoon, I arrived home before my sister. I was in the bathroom, changing into play clothes. Suddenly, I saw what I thought was my sibling. She had long blonde hair, and was wearing a white gown. She walked by the bathroom door without acknowledging me, and into my bedroom. "Why are you in my room, Diane, you had better not mess with my stuff!" Miffed that she did not speak, I turned the corner myself and peered into my room. It was completely empty! Just then, the front door opened and she asked me why I was talking to myself, she had heard me from outside!

In 1997, I began talking and hearing my Spirit Guides. It was then that I was told that it was part of my reason for being here. I am supposed to help our forefathers to return home to Heaven. I was given a prayer and the method for using it, and I was told to teach it to all who would use it to help the souls. I spoke to one female spirit who told me that there were more souls on the streets than the living. Since that time, I can honestly say that ghosts are around us, we really do not need to "hunt" them, it is they who come to us.

They are constantly on the move, looking for someone who will help them to return home. Once I understood that they are just normal people in search of help, I was no longer afraid. They have told me that they gather in churches after hours to hold service and pray, and that they can see and converse with each other even when they are from different time periods. Just think about this. When we talk to the souls, it is the future talking to the past in the present, now in the parlance of our day, how cool is that? I have since found peace with the work I do and I enjoy talking about it as well. Perhaps seeing and hearing the souls is a gift, after all.

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