What is the best ghost hunting show out there?

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Everyone has probably watched at least a few minutes of a ghost hunting show in their lifetime. But what is the best one you could watch? Which ones are over-hyped and fake? Well the answer to that is the original Ghost Hunters. Personally, this is the show that introduced me into the creepy and cool world of ghost hunting; and it was among the first shows of it's kind. There are many paranormal investigation type shows out there today; Ghost Adventures, Haunted Collector, and Haunted Highway are just a few of these shows around today.

What makes Ghost Hunters the best ghost hunting show to me is that they don't always get amazing evidence. They don't always have something crazy happen to them, and that's what makes it real to me. If the show was fake, wouldn't they fabricate evidence to to get ratings and therefore money? It also shows that they are genuinely trying to help the people that ask them to come out and investigate, rather than just using them for fame and fortune. The group of people that are the stars of the show call themselves TAPS, or the Atlantic Paranormal Society. They were around well before their show even aired - 14 years to be exact. That adds to my reasoning of Ghost Hunters being the best show of it's kind on TV.

When you look at other shows, let's that Ghost Adventures for example, the only reason they are doing this is because it's popular and makes money. That show screams fake to me, as almost every episode something happens to them. It is extremely rare for someone who ghost hunts as often as they do to have an experience every single time; and a scary one at that. Scratches on their backs, figures caught on tape, and voices heard loud and clear every time they go to a place is very odd.

Back to Ghost Hunters, the team seems to really know what they're talking about, have very high end equipment to help them with their investigations, and also attempt to debunk noises or unexplained movements. They are in it to find proof, and will not accept everything as paranormal. Although there aren't going to be more episodes produced, the team will still continue to help those that ask for it. That is another example how how Ghost Hunters and the crew of the Atlantic Paranormal Society are actually interested in the paranormal and helping people figure out what the unexplained noises or happenings are in their homes. It shows that Ghost Hunters is still one of the best shows made in the paranormal/ghost hunting genre, and will forever be the best. While my article may have been a tad bit bias on my part, I encourage you to come up with your own conclusions on all of the shows I've talked about - and those I didn't - but to me, Ghost Hunters is in the top ten list of the best paranormal investigation shows ever made.

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