How did life on Earth come to be and what is it's purpose? What is the meaning of life on Earth? What is the meaning of Life itself?

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As humans living on this planet, we are incredibly diverse. We are all unique in our own little ways. And yet, we all share one thing in common with all other living beings, on this planet or elsewhere.

We were all BORN....therefore, we share life with others.

But, what is life? How can it be defined? What are the requirements for life? How do you KNOW you're alive?

For centuries and more, natural philosophers and critical thinkers have been racking their brains (and ours!), pondering such questions as "The Meaning of Life". Such questing for knowledge of our origins inevitably lead to such famous dilemmas as "The Chicken and The Egg". Projecting his thoughts into the void, Rene Descartes concluded: "I think, therefore I am", leading to the "Cogito" (or Consciousness) School of Modern Thought.

However, notwithstanding some of their more brilliant conclusions, our best and brightest critical thinkers are still battling it out in public, often with the gloves off. Creationism vs Evolution, Utilitarianism vs Existentialism, etc vs etc. Our understanding of life is as varied as our choices in sporting teams, it would seem. So what is life if those who are alive don't even know? might not like where this article is going. You see, there really is no definitive answer. Let me explain.

First, I'll list some common, popular views on Life's purpose.

1. Destination Happiness

This view holds that the purpose of living is to seek happiness and fulfillment at all costs as happiness is the ultimate goal. While this view contains some great tips for happier living, it fails to explain the reason/s why happiness is life's mission.

2. Superman of Singularity?

There are those who believe (like the Greeks) that physical perfection is the true purpose of all living beings. To be the best you can be. Modern times call for modern solutions. There is a growing group of people who seek to become part robot.

3. Knowledge is Power (Or is it?)

We've all heard that saying, right? But, is it really true? Let me ask a simple question: "What if you don't know how to use the Knowledge you've gained?" Or, more to the point: "How many stupid people do you know?" Case closed. Common Senseis Powerful Knowledge. Being able to put knowledge or information together, regardless of how insignificant it may seem, is how we turn Knowledge into Power.

Seeking Knowledge and Understanding of All Things may be a goal on someone's life-path (such as mine, for instance), but that does not make it the predominant reason for us being alive.

4. Life's not worth living

Nihilistic much? Do I need to spend time on this one? No? Thank you.

You see, while we all experience negativity, it seems rather dumb to say that all life is negative because a part of it is negative. Wouldn't that same argument make life worth living instead, since there are at least some good things that happen.

No, the problem with people who passionately follow this credo is that they have no idea how to live.

Therefore, answering the question to the our existence becomes of the utmost importance if we want to make the world/universe a better place for everyone, including the Negative Nancies.

5. Denying Yourself

This is another big one. A negative one, if you haven't guessed it yet.

Simply put, the folks believe there is no meaning to life (or anything else, for that matter) and you're better off just thinking about other things.

Right, because trying to find out where and how or species (and other living beings) originated is such a waste of time?

I don't know about you, but I'd rather be chasing knowledge and meaning than the stuff you call "money".

There you have 5 popular philosophies or views trying to explain why and how to live.

The question is, do they really come close to the Truth?

It is my belief that life is not as complicated as we make it out to be.

In fact, I think "The Meaning of Life" requires a very simple answer.

Are you ready for this one?

Love unconditionally and Create for others (not yourself) in abundance!!

In this way, we will have more than we could ever need ourselves.

We will also be encouraging, protecting and nurturing the next generation.

If that is not what Life is all about, then I don't know.

I'll leave you with one of my favourite Greek proverbs:

"A society grows great when old men grow trees which shade they know they will never sit under"

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