My son says he sees a ghost in the basement and won't go there alone anymore! How do I get rid of ghosts?

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There are many specific ways to get rid of ghosts, but first let's define the issue with your son.

Has anyone else seen or felt this ghost? If not, it could be a simple projection from your son of a personal fear. Keep your language neutral when discussing this with your son, even if he just imagined the ghost the experience can be troubling. It's important here to also consider your families religious leanings when discussing ghosts. Would it be helpful to pray? Does your son get comfort from religious icons, books or stories? You may find that this is a good time to connect your religious ideas into the discussion. It may even help deepen his personal connection to your faith. It can also be helpful in helping his problem solving skills.

For example, calmly take him to the basement with you. Replicate the environment where he saw the ghost. Was it nighttime? Was the furnace running or a washing machine on spin cycle? Ask him to tell you the story again and ask questions. Where was he standing? What did he see? This isn't to relive the fear, but to see if there is another possibility and to have him face the situation with you to break any fears he may have.

Let's assume this really is a ghost for the moment; how do you get rid of a ghost? Ghosts can be a remnant of a previously embodied spirit that lived in the house, or a ghost can have an attachment to your family or even an object in the vicinity. Ghosts are quite often a reflection of energy that continues even after the consciousness has left - like an image burned on a television screen.

I recommend a clean scrubbing of the basement with a castile soap (e.g. Dr. Bonner's). Afterwards, burn an incense or sage the area. Make sure you move the smoke into the corners and around the room. Leave a window open in the room to let the energies release outside. It can also be helpful to play music that makes you feel good. Finally, close the window and sprinkle salts over the sill and in any doorways or entries.

Bring your son with you for the cleaning and check in with him while you're both cleaning. Keep the mood light! If there is a ghost this will help release the pent up energies, so it's a good thing you're doing! And besides, if nothing else, you're getting a clean basement out of the project!

Walk down to the basement together again in a few days and see how your son feels. You can repeat this process with cleaning in a month if he is still frightened. If others see a ghost or if your son still feels you need to get rid of ghosts in the basement we can move onto other methods, but first I'd recommend doing a little research. Is there a description of the ghost that matches a previous inhabitant of the house? Are there objects in the basement that belonged to someone who has died? Getting some specifics would help and a local energy worker or healer may be more tuned into their senses than you and your son and can help get rid of ghosts if the procedure above doesn't help.

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